The Use of Fear;

Fear is used in so.many ways , profiting for example, the pharmaceutical companies make huge amounts of money, out fear for our health, while keeping us sick with drugs,pollution, stress, insurance companies with fear of damage or loss to us or our car,house, possessions,etc. Fear of global warming, pandemics, inflation,cost of living, personal bank fraud, loss of employment, pension worries, etc..Then the use of commercialism to fleece us of our money, with the next must have,phone,handbag,car, 🚗,owning this will.make you happy, a superman or woman..fear of crime. Then there is the control implemented by parking restrictions,fear of terrorism, ..I could go on and on,..all in an illusory created outside 3D reality matrix to keep us from knowing who we truly are. You deep know know this false, simply by going within even for 10 minutes,taking time out ,you sense the outside falsity disappearing, irrelevant,as you become aware who you are .
This outside of your self, not you created reality,is crumbling, as we take control of our awakening, manifestation,and power.
We cannot only do this, we are!!.. humanity is magnificent! 😉


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