The potential timeline for 2023 have a very high possibility for the following truths to be exposed to humanity . The Wonderful Dr Michael Sala among others also understands these Truths that have been hidden from the masses by the fast crumbling elite & their government puppets. The dark negative aligned energy is losing its grip.
Some of the truths will include and this is the biggest one . That we already posses the technology and have Free energy, yes free energy, it’s been Keith from us, while our energy bills have been soaring, and the oil giants and others have been raping the soul.of Gaia, a two way sword to keep us paying for something that can be free, making the conglomerates rich and keep our beautiful goddess mother Gaia weakened in the process. I am not sure but I think the free energy is kind of quantum magnetics
The second thing that will.probably be exposed is our ability to heal using holographic technology.Again the big pharma making huge profits while keeping us sick,yet most things can be treated and healed drug free.
Number 3 Anti-gravity propulsion, meaning no more fuelled transport,or big electrical use.
On top of all this more exposure about the existence of UFO,s human and alien ,and that ETs are real. This is known by the Elite and deep state government, as underground D.U.M.B facilities where UFO,s and negative aligned alien et races have been working on DNA genome programs and advanced technology.
We are in for an interesting beautiful ride into humanities truths..Hallelujah 😉
Blessings GG 💜🌹


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