The Exotic and Sensual garden of light.Just a few feet away, beyond illusory 3D lies a shimmering garden of light. Here the flowers 🌺 glow ,their colours intermingle and dance erotically, sensually sending a warm sensation through the merkabah light body.Pure essence is visible, vibrant lavender that looks like floating shinning brilliant golden yellow threads.Soft soothing light emerald pearls.Rings of purple πŸ’œ and circles of 🍊.Multi colored birds of a heavenly nature flutter their wings circling majestically around and around.A squirrel chases its own tail.A white husky type dog plays with a rainbow 🌈coloured ball. The plants move of their accord, in tune to a mesmerising song. A song of other worldly sounds,it’s music caressing it’s way through many fields upon fields of dimensions,timeless and space. A song about joy fun and laughter. A tale of the homelands of the fairies and gnomes.There are a myriad of creatures, centaurs,unicorns, phoenix, mingling together in harmony and respect.alongside what resumes lions,tigers,and eagles,all dancing in an incredible feeling of divine and honour.Several gaily coloured 🌲,flutter in the goddess soft wind,as the breeze carries intimate messages of peace and harmony ,unity and of universal galactic connection. A delightful array of sweet perfumed smells tickle the senses of humans and torment their limited thinking ,helping it expand into greater awareness.A troupe of higher dimensional beings dressed in silver and red perfume delightful acrobat routines,around beds of strange grapes, mushrooms and cabbages.This is a place of great activity ,yet nothing seems to happen. a place of laughter and song ,yet silence reigns.abundant colours are abound,yet only a heavenly sun β˜€οΈ shines. The truth is there are gardens like this everywhere.You,we ,us, all stand in our own beautiful garden’s,our own creative thoughts bring them forth, because they already exist in the potentials of humanity and ready to be brought forth into our new Earth 🌎.I personally am here to assist in bringing this beauty into our wonderful planet.It mat be easier for me to visualize breath,feel and therefore manifest such things, having remembered seeing and playing in them,but there are many on Earth who can do this and more, to benefit this mesmerising beautiful earth mother Gaia,s consciousness humanity and the planet itself.Many beautiful blessings,my respect and love GGπŸŒΉπŸ’œ

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