Truthful Revelations=mass Awakening!
The deep state of on the precipice. The outward illusory reality that is.percieved by many, is showing its true chaotic nature, as illusory economic collapse appears, it shakes the.populice into taking more responsibility for themselves, as we stand up and say Enough, we don’t need you to run our affairs.
I have stated many times , UFO, Alien, disclosure is upon us, this timeline 2023 is the year it will be ramped up, it will initially be used to instill fear in humanity, as fear is the negative dark most potent weapon, but this illusion will be counteracted as mass 1st contact of a benevolent kind happens . The fear of alien craft and beings and it’s potential threat to mankind is one of the last throws of the deep state elites weapons, once seen through (which it will) then humanity’s perception and awareness will increase,and the last residues of stifling control and slavery will.lift”.
You are amazing humanity 💞 GG🌹💜

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