Big changes!!

Big changes!!
The changes that have occurred on our planet and amongst humanity since the 36 yr Window of the last Equinoxes, IE: 1994, (a 18yr in cycle 2012, and an 18yr out cycle 2030 have been unprecedented, those of you born pre 1980 will be more aware of these changes then others , we have moved beyond the potential of destroying our planet ,into a very strong probable potential of peace , by the year 2030.
All the old negative energy patterns that have been stored in our illusory time past are being squeezed out and into the open for us to now see and many of us are now more and more going “NO! Enough,we do not want this greedy, violent, bigotry, controlled thought society ” and it is this consciousness that will bring about the beautiful aware ❤️💜 earth and human that we are “
🌹💜, You are magnificent humanity blessings to you all” GG

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  1. Great work and share loving soul thank you warmly 🙏

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