The Holographic Bible πŸŒˆ

There are many myths,legends and mysteries regarding what Is called the holographic bible. A Bible that is otherworldly, multidimensional,and when.looked at outside of linear 3D omits it’s different colours .

Early medieval Roman colour symbolism describe the holographic bible colour text as the following

Red β™₯️ Father: Blue πŸ’™ Son: Gold ⭐holy spirit. Green πŸ’š new life : Violet πŸ’œ mourning: Brown 🀎 Endurance & suffering: White 🀍 colour of light : Black πŸ–€ powers, of darkness,death and sin.

Apparently when read holographically the colours reveal the truth if the scriptures

Blessings in love GGπŸ’œπŸŒΉ

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