The Shift:

If you can shift into your remembering,you will know there is always darkness before light,a continuous shift , and this is what’s happening to Earth, 🌎,Gaia, and Humanity right now.

The darkness is being exposed and shifting into new light consciousness.Earth ,Gaia and Humanity have had to deal with imposed negativity and dark dense energy at the same time, this caused a thick crust of dark gunk to firm around space, blotting out our memories and the light.

Many brave species, including humans fought in the great battle of 2000ad,to weaken this crust ,they succeeded,cracks began to appear and the light began to seep back in.

Now 22yrs on(22 being the master builder number)we are building a new Earth and humanity. It is beautiful. Shift and join , because humanity has finally helped Gaia ,Earth and themselves to a wonderful, beautiful loving evolution & understanding.

Bless you Earth,Gaia and Humanity in love ❀️ GG

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