UK population financial perspective.

There seems to be a bit of a financial terminal in the UK from a 3D reality perspective.

In truth many UK Residents own their own homes 14.5%..around 63% are buying their own homes ..from 1979-1990 the UK PM was Margaret Thatcher, the 1st.woman PM in the UKs history. She brought in the right of home ownership, whereby millions of UK council rental residents could buy their council homes at a massive discount, this enabled millions of ordinary UK rental Tennant’s the chance to own their own homes, this in effect enabled many ordinary people in UK to have solid financial assets.

Millions of people in the UK are what would be deemed Financial asset millionaires, in comparison to their previous generations. A large percentage of the UK population are so far more wealthy now then ever before. The average UK home price is £290,000. ,The average owed is £ 65,000, of those who have not yet fully paid their mortgage..

With a little financial nous, homeowners in the UK will easily ride out any so called financial crises.

Any UK resident with approx 8 months salary in savings will be able to live a comfortable life which will suffice to take them through this current illusory reality…those who deem themselves less fortunate,are only experiencing their own created low energy frequency signature density reality..which they can change at any time..this in fact applies to human ,simply affirm ,act and know you are abundant and transmute your energy of lack into the beautiful limitless of all.

Blessings humanity 💜 GG


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