An important knowing

One thing that I have distinctly become aware of , which has enabled me to reach a point in my awakening and expansion ,where I have learned the gifts of non-attachement and being un-judgemental, is that in finding my own truths, my knowing.the following.

Every species,races & ,beings , have their own experiences to discover and understand the energy patterns that permeates their existence, and evolution.

This is particularly more profound on my personal journey in relation other life forms IE: ET,s aliens, be they elemental, Reptilian,insectoids,humanoids, hybrids etc.

They have all been and are still trying to figure out or understand their own evolutionary expansion to the unification with one source,through their experiences and historical energy patterns.

They nearly all believe,that what they are doing is the best possible path in the now for evolution of their kind. Many have agreed to be part of a collective consciousness and have given up much of their (through understanding) individual sovereign aspects of identity,as the best possible way to oneness/source wholeness and higher good for all.

Many are benevolent positively aligned , mostly those in the 5th density or above in our galaxy. Some have formed negative aligned alliances and others acting as individual species. Others species still.are split in their alignment.

But they all are no matter what evolving the best they know ,which is perfect anyway. ..just like us humans,we are no different in trying to understand this beautiful one thing we are..and when we look at ourselves and the things we have perpetrated in our energy history,we have done just as much inappropriateness as any of the rest.It is I feel part of the entire evolutionary process.

Through this understanding and perspective,I can clearly see that any so called or defined evil or wrongdoings, done by the 100,000,s of species and races in our Galactic family,to themselves or others, including our actions, are part of every species,races evolution.

Different only in energy frequencies and patterns of separation that create different time lines, potentials,events and experiences for everything and everyone to.partucipate in ,should their energy frequency march it.

We are creation of the one, experiencing different aspects of the whole.To be whole and complete is to accept everything, including acceptance ,hatred, judgement,anger,joy,love and thought opinions. All inclusive in the whole no-thing is not us.

Beautiful human love 💗 to all in existence..GG🌹💜

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