More on Elizabeth Monarch of England.

Many people are saying that her death feels unreal, in truth it is exactly that ,an event that happened in an illusory reality. The outpouring of emotion in a negative way is a release of the pent up limitations that the UK was kept in under her reign.

Please use your discernment on what I am about to say next.🙏.

Elizabeth was a member of the negative aligned Reptilian family energy.(remember everything is energy). who’s original soul died in 2012 with the incoming new energy,her soul was swopped to keep her alive, by the 4th density negative aligned entities, using her silver cord as a connection to this consciousness.. until this silver cord connection was shattered by the forces of light causing her death, and as the darkness left her soul, the double rainbow 🌈 🌈 came.😊.

Her soul is now being held by her reptilian family who are trying to repair it in order to reincarnate a similar entity. So much goes on beyond our unremembered controlled 3D’s fascinating.

Blessings in love and light ❤️💜 GG


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