UK Queen Dies!

Yesterday Elizabeth 11 Queen of England died. The outpouring of emotional reaction, highlights how 3D controlled linear thinking has gripped the UK as a nation. Every Media outlet expects every human (especially those in the UK) to react in this outpouring of emotional reaction. The controlling influence the monarch of England had over the public is astounding. Even though she had no real power and was a puppet to her own chosen reality.

The Karmic patterns she kept the UK as a nation in is an example of how a nation is affected by its own national limitations. The positive effect of her death is that this particular element of the UK,s karmic debt has finally been released, change us needed ,and now finally the UK and it’s people’s as a nation can begin the journey to true freedom.

Sit back and watch as 70 million humans EMBRACE this beautiful gift from the death of Elizabeth..god bless you Mam.

Blessings in love 💕 GG

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