Zona Del Silencio 2

In July 1970 the US military launched an Athena missile programmed to land
800.mes in the Arizona Desert..it was pulled off course and overshot its target landing in northern Mexico in an area known as the Zona Del Silencio.

Thousands of meteorites have been pulled into this small area ,littering the landscape..there is a very strong magnetic energy in the area.

In 1054bc the Anansi.culture who occupied the area to the North and the Mayans to the South both witnessed a super nova explosion which happened in the Zona Del.Silenco, both cultures had knowledge of the stars and two cultures thousands of miles apart ended up meeting and sharing their knowledge here.

Both acknowledged the presence of the same tall white haired beings and believed them to be gods

Love love 🤎❤️ GG


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