The Shattering of the Veil

Spiritual teachers,gurus, lectures,and other have for years spoken about the hidden veil that prevents humanity from stepping into the all that is awareness..

This veil has until recently been like a thick crust around the Earth 🌍 for many thousands of years, limiting the required information,resources and knowledge required to break through it, and truly remember who we are.

In truth humanity helped create the dense dark thickness that has prohibited our expansion , through our collective consciousness choices of predominantly negative aligned controlled thinking and actions..and our wonderful desire to experience and go deeper into the dark dense reality of 3D then any being in our universe.

We chose to delve and go deep into the darkness, even though we could have destroyed ourselves and the planet by doing so..It has only been our bravery,courage and magnificence as a species that brought us back from the brink of destruction and on the verge of reascenion to all that is.

Markers and timelines were put for us to reach this point of our evolution, The Prossession of the Equinox,s”.was that timeline, the year of 2012 was the marker.. a 36yr cycle was the allocated energy band for this to fully flower into fruition..18 years before 2012 (1994).18 yrs after 2030..

We are the last 9yrs of this energy cycle.once humanity reached the beginning of this 36yr cycle the thick dark dense crust/crud of the veil began to recced and crack. and get thinner.

The now very thin, humanities.evolution is now in universal terms rapid!!..The potential.for the complete shattering of the veil truth and knowing will probably be in about 20yrs..thus allowing a mass expansion in humanities evolution and understanding of light) dark and all that is.

Thank you.. blessings πŸ˜‹πŸŒΉπŸ’œ..GG


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