The Indigenous Sh(wo)man.

I walked from the mist,into the beautiful Oasis. The sky was clear ,bright sparkling and vibrant, a multitude of star’s twinkling in multi-dimensional wonder.

This is my Akosh, DNA rememering flooding back to me.I see the flickering of a figure sitting cross-legged by a crystal clear lake. The water reflected it’s image one moment it resembles a man, the next a woman.

Wrapped in shimmering translucent light,I approach in awe.silent and respectful.The figure beckons to me to sit next to it.Head bowed I obey.We sit in a beautiful clandestine silence. I am humbled by this mesmeric being, it’s benevolent compassion embraces me it has a distinctive feminine feel. It is a heartbreking love I weep in Joy happiness and divine dignity.

We do not speak but communicate,I am part of this being,this being is part of me.We are one. Family,both from the stars,old souls, melding knowing.

I.look once at the beautiful,erotic face.The figure is no more. I am alone, at peace, and loved by source.This is indigenous Sh(wo)men..I should no, I am one to.

Many blessings ☺️💜🌹..GG


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