The Spider -Faerie War. (part 1)

This is an event that occurred in another dimension, galaxy and alternative timeline.

The Spider species have existed for millennia.As a dimensional species,they are gigantic, intelligent and very aggressive, they are the spiders your fears are made of.

Under the collective conscious guidence of their Queen (The Lady)they conquered many planets,using guile,fear,brute force and control.

The Lady was totally loyal to the Spider Goddess.(she is known by many different names in Earth’s legends and mythology).. Arachne (Greek),Neith (Egyptian) Callierach (Celtic) Anansi (Africa) name a few.)a vast conscious awareness,that the Lady, carried with her in grace , beauty and with such an insatiable appetite that she had lost any love or kindness she may have ever had so so long ago.

She was not really a she or he,male or female,but a driven mass of controlled intelligence that grew with each conquest.

Under the insistence of the great Goddess, The Lady was preparing for her species for the next invasion. Under scrutiny for the next expansion of the spiders web, was the 5th Dimensional orange energy of the fun,playful for most part Faerie realm, under the balanced leadership of the resplendent flamboyant, benevolent,loving Queen Titania. benevolent love..GGπŸŒΊπŸ’œπŸ˜€..GG

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