🐲 DRAGONS.. Woozer!!

The Dragons are elemental energy beings, they are legendary, and have been mentioned in Mythology,lore religion and spirituality.

As an energy frequency they represent transformation..generally transforming the negative energy of the element that a particular dragon is tied to.

They are also associated with wisdom,ancient knowledge,magic and mysticism..Many cultures throughout the world recognise their power and spiritual importance.

Because most are tied to a particular element there are many different types, and species of dragons.

πŸ”₯ FIRE DRAGONS..tied to the fire element, I am well.associated with this particular element, as I spent millions of years as a fire elemental in.my evolution..The Fire dragon reside in the firey volcanoes and inner core of the earth’s crust,they control the flow of lava among other things.

πŸ’¦ WATER DRAGONS..are the element guardians of the seas and oceans, they work activity with the Mermaids /Merfolk purifying the negative energy in the Earth’s waters, they are particularly up.against it right now with pollution in the Earth’s oceans and seas. The πŸ’§ Water Dragon are more of a feminine motherly energy then most of the other Elemental dragons.

ICE DRAGONS: Closely associated with the Water Dragon. The biggest group of these lie in the Ice cap.regeions of Antarctica. They use their icy breath to freeze negative energies and hold the magnetic grid of the Earth 🌍.

🌍 EARTH DRAGONS: This particular Elemental is the one that is probably becoming really active now, as our planet is now of a 4 D vibration, particularly in the UK.They travel throughout the Earth using the energy of the leylines.

There are of course as many dragons as elements,..more then I know..lol..much of the information contained in this article I give gratitude and thanks to the beautiful folk at Elementalbeings.co.uk.

Have a happy, beautiful day .. blessings in.light..GGπŸ’œπŸ˜€

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