Moving beyond physical form 7D.

Keeping this simple is my task you know simplicity 😋 goes.

The 1st thing to grasp is that as we expand through the dimensions, our physical bodies get less dense, as we absorb more light.

As I hope most of you aware our higher self “Our I Am “aspect resides in the 6th density, this governs all our experiences,events and potentials in our evolutionary learning consciousness in all .physical forms…from 1d rock, to our current so called human solid physical body to whatever translucent,almost transparent shape,size and form.that different lighter densities and dimensions change us into.

Because of the Higher I am self being resident in the 6th dimension, and its purpose is to ensure we experience everything in existence that physicality.can.Once we reach and learn everything physicalty can in that dimension and density form, the only way we can evolve from there is to move into a higher density,dimension,that has different experiences then what physicality can offer..Only the 7th dimension and above can grant us that.

It is at this stage of our continued.evolution that we cease to incarnate into a physical body/form..we have moved the physical ,we have become masters of physical energy.

Wow!!..hope this helps expand your linear love..GG💙🤪🤩

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