Why do so many of us fear spiders? Interesting Question?, considering most spiders in our world are small and harmless..no truly they are!! ,Yet millions of humans everyday cringe,squirm,jump,scream, and run away from this if nothing else bizzare creature.

The answer lays in what is known as the “Akashic records” or Akosh, which is a library that contains and stores the memory of every event and experience that has ever occured everywhere. (True history)

Spider like beings exist in many,many other universes, dimensions and galaxies. The spider species are gigantic,intelligent and very aggressive. They have been involved in many wars, The one with the fairies being one of the biggest events. The spiders have conquered many worlds, all these events have been locked in and stored in the Akashic memory

We humans have the ability to access the Akashic records, inadvertently or not during our sleep conscious state were many of us connect with memories of the spiders events and they stay in our sub-conscious.Upon seeing a spider this triggers memories of the activities of the spiders. Depending on our depth and rememering of these events determine the amount of fear we have of spiders.

Much love and blessings 🌹💕..GG

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  1. Interesting indeed. ♥️


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