Dark entities

The idea that when we meditate or open ourselves to spiritual connection, we are susceptible to dark or evil entities influencing or possessing us is part of the misleading information that is currently being. touted on the new age/spiritual circuit.the inter net is full.of this inappropriate content.

This is being directed by and put out there by negatively aligned humans who are stuck in the old dark 3D linear energy..if you see or feel dark influences in your meditive,trance or spiritual practices, know it is only the part of you that is still touting and stuck in 3D linear thinking, these are man/woman made entities from.an old conscious.energy, they exist only in dark aligned energy, they are part of the heaven ,hell programming, God/devil duality concept..your entrourage.of angels, and your higher self , and beings that are with you at all times will.never allow anything but love, compassion,and unity with the cosmic gift of bliss.

Blessings in open heart 💜..GG

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