It’s been a few weeks since I last published a blog..the energies of the negative aligned beings throughout October were very technology disrupted and there was lots of misinformation and blackouts etc..besides a reduction in technological use is a positive discipline

Right now the new way forward is the art of detachment. Reaching a state of being where you are aligned only with free flowing spirit/source/God. Where you solely observe everything,person and activity in your everyday 3D life, knowing that everything outside of your source connected being cannot harm you.

Learn to watch, listen and be aware of every thought you have, without having any attachments to them. Make no judgement,take nothing personal,dispel anger, resentment,feel only joy, happiness,love, benevolence, compassion..All these are higher density vibrations, that will allow you to enter 4th/5thD.

You have no reason to react negatively in what is only a 3D Illusory reality. Be there physically in your body only, taking only actions that resonate in your highest non-linear self…the time to allow 3D in its unfolding upon us..all viewed from you the observer.

Beautiful love..GG

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