Due to the massive energy clashes happening throughout October, particularly with technology media..you may have been aware of the “Facebook” “Instagram”, “WhatsApp blackout/shutdown/failure a few days ago..lol…I am only.posting a few Quotes throughout the month of October , in order to reduce my social media,mobile phone,internet, TV, usage,..there is so.mucg happening in the etheric, multidimensional, hidden higher vibrancy domains & our Solar system at present, I will.explain more when I post regularly.again from around 22nd October

If you are truly on an ascension , adventure, awareness, awakening path you will discipline yourself as well😋..it is advisable to refrain from over technological media & gadgets exposure right now, this is really a last ditch attempt.by the malevanent negatively aligned groupings to influence humanity using this technology..be true to your choosen alignment, show discipline & honesty .don’t take my word , look,feel,& then decide if what I am saying rings in your heart as true..leave these damn technological contraptions alone in the next couple of weeks as much as possible..walk the talk,& reap the rewards.. blessings my beautiful magnificent humans..GG❤️💜

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