Energy shifts ..that’s all it is!!

Everything is energy..each individual has his,her own , energy fields, & patterns..these energy fields & patterns contain your own individual sovereign awareness, & are constantly changing & shifting according to your personal vibrancy & frequencies..when you are positive, your actions,thoughts & deeds fill the places & spaces in your energy field patterns, to its current highest optimum capacity..your life flows freely, easier,& with minimal fuss.

However when your energy levels drop to a lower frequency within your current vibrancy, mostly due to your own less positive/negative thoughts ,actions & deeds, the same spaces & places in your fields get filled with these..& you begin to operate from a much lower dense mode within your current capacity…your higher spiritual connected life flow becomes slow,blocked & sluggish, things seem harder, more confusing ,& complicated.

Understanding these energy changes & shifts in not only your own personal energy fields & patterns but others as well, are a big key to remaining unattached & non-judgemental to yourself & begin to.recognise the shifts in your interactions especially with others, , when they.react to a situation or scenario, you simply become aware that that person or persons ,are only behaving according to an energy shift in their current frequency, vibrancy level..that’s all it is, then realise that all you need to do is keep your energy at its highest optimum, & no blame, judgement or anger needs to be placed on another person or persons,

If it’s your energy is dropping due to unwanted outside influences simply stand positive & firm in your own highest vibrancy & frequency, do not allow the lower vibrancy patterns to fill your fields with judgement , criticism,or anger about yourself,..

This is good old 90,s Metaphysics, retuned & adjusted for today’s fast changing spiritual/light awareness &,😃🤪🧡🌹 ever in love ..GG

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