Soul swop time!

This is a much longer post then I generally write. We are in a very exciting period for Planet Earth as Gaia & Terra are both transcending into the 4th dimension..The full. transition will take about 100yrs..

Humanity (humans) play a huge part in this Ascension, our consciousness can either hinder or aide in this, in order to go to a higher vibrational frequency of energy consciousness the planetary conscious awareness.of the planet needs to be in the positive polarity, negative dark energy in a 3D we have been been in for Millennia, is dense ,thick & sludge, hence the perception of a chaotic, planet.

The higher evolved dark entities of self preservation & me me, have projected & used fear based energy to try & & the planet , this interference is an infringement on humanities prime directive choice of freedom & choice IE: free will to align with negative or positive energy..if this is done through free will
by an individual sovereign aspect of source, you,or me, this is not a right or wrong action, but deemed as part of our prime directive free will.

So simply put you have the ability to be a negative or positive human being through free will..if your choice is manipulated this is an infringement of that right.

The major war between dark & light on our planet ended around 1999-2000..millions upon millions of dark entities were removed from our consciousness, cracks appeared in the here before virtual impenetrable.dark crust that encircled.planet Earth.. light energy began to seep through like never before, higher Conscious benevolent beings could cross into fields far more easier.. positive energy with more spiritual truth & awareness descended upon the planet & humanity, our consciousness was suddenly given a non manipulated positive energy to choose or not…dark energy (particularly manipulated, controlled,) was in retreat, People found it easier without the stifling influence of the dark entities control. to align with light positive,..from then until now 2021, the planet & humanity has been shifting in there droves to a freely chosen light positive energy…that is now firmly in the Ascendancy.

The negative alliance entities are very , intelligent , but darkness itself is stupid, & therefore can only act under the influence.of intelligent beings..dark can be eradicated from your life fairly easily now, but negative influenced energy through fear driven by Malevolent higher dimensional beings can sway your free choice decision…it is deliberately designed that way , as these beings pursue their dark ) negative agenda.. although they are beaten, there dark souls(ego if you like), refuse to accept this.

The Galactic federation & the council of planets, in their efforts to hasten the Ascension process have agreed to an up coming event known as soul swap..this is meant to bypass the longer process of the old paradigm.of reincarnation..already recently upto 1.9.million souls have been soul swopped, so many awakened souls wish to incarnate on this planet to assist in the ascension.process, & so.many agreements have already been made between many humans already for this to happen…the.process is a unilateral agreement as defined by prime directive laws , involving current human individual souls, & souls of higher dimensional beings who agree a swop, this then has to be agreed by your I am 6th dimensional higher self, (bearing in mind it could be a negative aligned soul asking, which it can as a free will source, ,non-manipulated request)..if this is considered to be inline with your current Ascension, by your higher self, it is then presented to the council of galactic planets for final agreement..once agreed through this process, the soul swop can happen.

The idea is for a more aware soul to occupy a human vessel, bringing forth a quicker Ascension…if you have decided to do this. at a soul level, all your current personal issues will be resolved, only then can the higher soul, exercise it’s sole purpose, _ the change in you happens with little effort, your past life memories however will be wiped clean, till the soul agreement has been concluded.. soul swops happen.during your dream time & you can avoid a negative soul swop, by keeping a positive attitude before bedtime.

The date for this current soul swop is 21st September 2021..

Blessings in love GG😇💚🌹

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