The Beautiful Andromeda energies

We are being gifted in the now with beautiful upgraded energies from The Andromeda 🌟 system..along with other higher benevolent beings.

Understanding this is , allows us to become aware of the help that is offered,& given in an effort to raise humanity & beyond its millennia of a dark dense stifling liner 3D the magnificent wonderful beings that we are, & fulfilling our purpose to this planet Earth & it’s conscious entity Mother Gaia..Gaia & this planet are now expanding,& beginning to experience a 4/5D proud, benevolent, compassionate,& stand with grace & love in your πŸ’–.for your efforts in this is the start of a new epoch ,that Gaia will cherish her rewards will be beyond anything you could ever imagine

I love you all..GGπŸ˜‡


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