Permanent & Temporary

Everything in linear 3D is Temporary, our bodies,fame,fortune, relationships, it all expires..the Buddha knew & said this. ,Our bodies are designed to live longer then they currently do.(200-300 yrs)but are still only temporary. a spiritual essence ,soul, energy source aspect.however are permanent, eternal,limitless,deathless, infinite, spread out over millennia timelines, learning,absorbing, understanding, returning & appearing on Earth many times..what a gift,what an incredible talent, what magnificence!!.

Fear of bodily 3D death is the biggest frailty of humanity, it is probably the dark/consciousness greatest Friend right now, as more & more of us seeing through the fear machine.. embrace this.last temporary illusion of low density 3D thinking,..step into the beautiful essence of you are, immortal,timeless, a permanent resident of all.there ever is.

You are truly beautiful, blessings in love..GG🌷💖🧡


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