Let’s do 💸 yippie!!

Try forgetting money as a number in your 🏦 account..rather.understand it as free flowing energy, & know you always have enough to to sustain you everyday with plenty left over. If you wish to buy something & see it’s price, refrain from looking for that item cheaper elsewhere, always pay the price you see.

Tip generously,.. especially if the service is good, appreciate other people’s energy..be happy for other people’s wealth,..give to beggers.only if you feel the urge,not pressurised into it, or feelings guilty if you don’t..be spontaneous with your money, enjoy everything you spend without fear of lack.. appreciate your spending.

Always pick up.any amount of money you see in street, if you find a wallet,purse, only keep any money inside if it’s not got an identifiable owner, or if you see someone drop theirs, give it back to them.

Be open to multiple.streams of income, do not restrict your money/energy flow…be generous,in giving & graceful in receiving always.

Use your money to be creative ,invest in yourself & others , give your time freely to projects you are passionate about, expect nothing in return except the joy & pleasure in doing .

Nuff said..lol..GG

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