The 1 decision

No matter what you think you want, or need or desire , you actually despite the new age insistance that you create your destiny, in the great plan of things you actually do not.

Once you begin to chose through free will.& communicate with your I am 6th dimensional self , you give yourself over to the preordained destiny.of the higher realms of spiritual guidance.

The egotistic nievity of your humanness falls away, & you are no longer in control of your destiny, you are subtly led to your true purpose, you may chose to prolong your journey by not taking the path of least resistance, or not, that’s it! what you think , the notion of I am in total control of my destiny is a 3D linear thinking duality status illusion..our magnificence lies way beyond that in pure energy light essence consciousness, our human form transforms to mirror this , once that 1 decision to find out & merge with source identity is through free will made.

Every single thing in your life will one way or another, some subtle,others will be dramatic, but your I am higher self will always be in surrender your 3D identity as soon as you make the 1 decision..

Oh you are so magnificent, & beautiful..GG..šŸ˜‡šŸŒˆ

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