Meridians Part 0ne (1-8)

This is basic information.on the Meridians 1-8..there are 24.

1: Triple Warmer… represents kind hearted ,& joy, The 3 aspect are , The upper warmer controls intake, the middle warmer, controls transformation,.The lower burner controls elimination.

It’s element is πŸ”₯.

2: The Gail Bladder. Yang: paired with Liver meridian. Uses: Courage & Initiative.

It’s element is wood.

3: Spleen: Ying: paired with Stomach Meridian: Uses Self Esteem & open mindedness.

It’s Element is Earth

4: Stomach ; Yang: pared to spleen meridian: Uses: Nourishment Physical & Emotional.

It’s Element is Earth

5: πŸ’–..Ruler of Emotions: Ying (of Ying.(naturally lol) paired with Small Intestine Meridian Use /association: Warmth, laughter, & Enthusiasm.

It’s Element is πŸ”₯

6: Kidney: Ying ; paired with Bladder: Uses/association: This is the reservoir of Energy, seat of courage & willpower.

It’s Element is Water.

7: Bladder: Yang: paired with Kidney Meridian. Uses/association: Guardian of peace.

It’s element is Water.

8: Small Intestine: Yang: pared with Heat Meridian; Uses /Association:Sorting of pure & Impure

It’s Element is πŸ”₯

Many thanks to the wonderful Jarred Hewett for this sourced information.

Blessings ,love & light..GGπŸ”₯πŸ’œπŸ˜‡πŸ’–πŸ€ͺ

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