Tonight’s blue moon,,,!!

WOZER!!.tonight’s wonderful blue moon brings with it a month of spectacular energy upgrades, for those who choose to embrace them..Here is a simple but very effective technique., That I have been doing to assist in bringing your right brain into the balance required to get the most out of these beautiful freely given by the higher conscious beings frequencies.

This is a Pliedian offered exercise..Simply rest your tongue in a relaxed manner on your upper teeth as often as you can..the longer you do this the more serene you will feel, this helps stop the left brain chatter, stilling the brain , & allowing the right side brain to activate more efficiently.

It is now a period of right brain activity..I can only suggest that you make the most of this exciting energy & time in humanities awakening, awareness & expansion into the magnificent wonderful beings we are ..

In blessings GG💖🌈🌹

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