First Contact

The wonderfully funny, charming, amazing higher consciousness.being Bashar , who has been channelled through the beautiful, balanced warm hearted, loving Darryl Anka, for many years, believes that the potential for first alien ET, galactic beings 1st contact on Earth to happen sometime between 2025-2033..Through my own awareness , understanding,knowing research & inner resonance, I align wholeheartedly with this timeline.

We are currently in the last 9 years of the 36 yr new energy cycle, that mankind has never experienced.before, ufo,,s & alien existence & revelations to Humanity, change,covid-19,new spiritual awakening,awareness growth ,& a whole swath of humanity sensing something different..are all.pointers to not if alien contact will happen but when..I am & only my personal feeling inclined to think this will happen somewhere between 2030-33..part of my reasoning for this is the 36yr new energy cycle 18 years into 2012.& 18yrs out takes us to 2030..33 is if course a master number, the big shift to a fully 5D, 4th density dimension for Earth & humanity is 2030..which will.probably mean the bulk of humanity will be more then accept in a non confronting, non-judgemental way ,the arrival of our beautiful, benevolent galactic families.

In beautiful benevolent love GG..๐Ÿ˜‡๐ŸŒท๐Ÿงก


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