22nd August full πŸŒ‘ energy.

The coming full moon on the 22nd of August is indeed a special one, it is known as “the sturgeon moon” but it’s importance lies in the energies that it signifies.

The higher beings are using this full moon timeline to release a never before uplifting energy to assist humanity in its transformation from 3D to 4th density consciousness…a beautiful, wonderful energy designed to help those of us who. through discernment & free choice can access.

The aim of the incoming energy consciousness, will enable many more humans to open ,expand & develop their right sided brain ,the part of the brain that is intuitive, spiritual, feminine & where true creativity dwells ..it helps us balance our being, & subdue,s the ego & intellectual thinking left side..helping us meld & merge our current duality 3D reality..by doing this it prepares us for the transition into the largely unknown 5D 4th density awareness.

If you choose to open up to this energy you will.become so.much.more aware,awakened, balanced & ready for this rapidly approaching Ascension..this dimensional gateway will soon close, I believe by 2030, it will close to all of humanity who are not part of this higher positive consciousness.. meaning the lower density humans will continue to experience another 75,000yrs of 3D duality. density on another separate earth like planet till their lessons are learned.

Many blessings in beautiful, compassionate love..GGπŸŒ·πŸŒˆπŸ§‘πŸ˜‡

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