Watch “R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts (Official Music Video)” on YouTube

This blog is about R.E.M & sleep..I put this video & song up by the band R.E.M because I love the

R.E.M is the he fourth & deepest stage of the sleep cycle…the dream state..This state of sleep is not to be confused with the the “Deep Sleep” state which is stage 3 of the 4 stage sleep cycle..This stage is associated with changes in your body , your breathing is slower ,your 💖 beat regular ,your muscles are relaxed & you sleep through external noises, this is a very important part of the sleep cycle , as the body heals itself by replacing cells, & building muscle tissue, & healing wounds .this is not the dream state.

R.E.M (rapid eye movement) us the deepest of the four sleeping cycles, & generally happens when about 90 minutes into sleep. your body is mostly inactive, but your brain has intense activity , this is when we experience vivid & active dreaming , this cycle restores your brain,& helps your memory & learning.We have roughly 3-5 periods of r.e.m sleep each night..the last one of can last anything up to an hour.

I send you💚🧡


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