Dark deity Attack

This is a time when the dark forces are desperately trying to stop the light bearers from ascending..they often in desperation attack.positively aligned humans unexpectedly , trying to catch them unawares,& imbue them with negative dark energy bolts.. depending on the dark human agent (hitmen & women) power & the strength of the intended target these attacks can cause anything from mild unease , to severe energy drain & even a feeling of sickness,fatigue & doubt in your spiritual awakening & growth.

It is deliberate ,& co-ordinated, yet also random..lots of these attacks are aimed at our weak spots..one particular area is our heel(yes the legend of Achilles heel is spot on)…

Today I was the victim of one of these attacks..it happened when I was on a train coming home from some assignment I had to attend to..it was 3.33pm.(no co-incidence..lol🤪)..The train was almost empty, I was sitting near the door, A few away 9/10ft maybe , stood a young reasonably attractive women,..I spotted her from the corner of my eye👁️,she was looking directly at me & smiling..I almost immediately sensed something was not quite right..years of experience from fighting demons & dark energy deity attacks which were far more frequent in the late 80,s early 90,s kicked in.

Her energy was chaotic, I knew I had to leave the train at the next stop, as the train pulled in I waited till the last moment ,before getting up & moving quickly to the open doors, this woman moved with lighting speed, I was caught she stood next to me as we both stepped off the train , I saw the reptilian In her eye,s as I swerved away & back, she kept on walking, the energy conscious battle was on, I watched her as she/it (dark ,negative malignant swirling energy), descended down the stairs,..I let her spook me as my energy dropped, despite having faced hundreds of occurrences like this (abliet many years ago, but that’s no excuse)..I was torn between getting on the next train or leaving the station , I swiftly but alertly walked down the stairs, through the barriers & into the subway that led into the street, bad mistake,my stalker , hit woman , was next to me, I swiftly put up a barrier of light & love, she growled softly, stepped back, as I moved forward, I caught her flailing leg, she jabbed her foot into my exposed heel..gasped in semi triumph , but also in despair as I was now some distance away, & my protective barrier was compete..I marched away not looking back ..I new she had gone..but her contact with my exposed heel, kicked in(pardon the pun..lol😇)..I almost immediately felt drained of energy, & a dozen negative thoughts surfaced,..this lasted till I got home drank pleanty of water, & in the shower, brought forth a light language blessing, & bathed myself in my inner positive light source self..just so you know this attack took no more then a couple of minutes..& I was so weak , fatigued & in negative aligned chaos for over an hour & half..

Blessings in light..GG💖😍🌷

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