“Nukang Takungva”

This blog is dedicated to the beautiful, wonderful indigenous Hopi people..”Nukang Takungva ” is good morning in their language..πŸ’œπŸ˜‡.

The Hopi people are a native American tribe who primarily live on the Hopi reservation in Arizona USA.

They are approximately 20,000 in number & are in fact a recognised sovereign nation with the USA (I find this beautifully heartwarming)..& have government to government relations with the US federal government.

Their particular language, is 1 of 30 in the Uto- Aztecan language family..the nation covers 2.5 million sq miles. They craft & sell pottery,inlaid silver, & baskets..

The Hopi people are so aware of the 3 components of humans, the mind,body & spirit, & know that ultimate health is achieved when their I’d harmony & balance in all 3.

The HOPI Prophecies.

The prophecies of the Hopi people are steeped in similarity with many other indigenous peoples.

Because of their 🌟 seed connection to the higher conscious positive aligned faction Orion beings they aided them in the war with the Reptilian around 2,100 years ago…Their prophecy revoles around the “The appearance of the “The blue 🌟 Kachina” when this star shines & shows itself it heralds the beginning of the new world *The day of purification” ..Which is of either misunderstood.or expressed in the negatively aligned mass mainstream media as the destruction or end of the world..it is the end..of the spiritual war between dark aligned self service materialism. & A unifying emerge of light balanced more aware compassion & understanding of each other.

This blog was put together with information obtained from Wikipedia & others & I thank them for this.

We can learn so much for. The indigenous peoples..I bless them.

Peace love & light to you all..GGπŸ’–πŸ‘Ό


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