Fun day

Today in the UK was exam passing day.. WOZER!..I was in my local pub enjoying a wonderful pint of real ale..& it was so beautiful to observe in an unattched way, the excitement, fun & expectation of these young exciting post 2000 students celebrating there success,s ..these are beautiful, wonderful, examples of humanity , who are taking this wonderful planet & humankind into a new was crazy,mad,fun,joyful, beautiful,& even sad on occasion, but from my observation viewpoint , a fascinating insight to our evolution..& I personally genuinely know the perception of a growing number of young people are wanting change, embracing abundance ,& far more aware & awakened ,&;pain in the arses, to 3 D linear thinking parents then I believe ever before..

Fun, awareness,joy & change..this is what a growing number of 18 yr olds are experiencing..this as far as I perceive can only bode well for the true reality of mankind & our incredible planet Earth.

Change & beauty is everywhere..I send blessings & love to our magnificent growing in awareness youth.

💖 felt joy & compassion GG🌈👼💚


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