Technique to align πŸ’– & πŸ§ 

Here is a simple 3 step Technique/Tool to help you align your πŸ’– & Brain🧠.

  1. Hold your hand over your heart..this automatically brings your subconscious focus to your heart, caress gently.
  2. Regulate your breathing to about 5 in breaths..out breath’s..or as near to this that is comfortable.
  3. As you caress & breath feel the compassion, benevolence,love,respect, honour & joy coming from.your heart Energy.

Do this for around 3 minutes–this will balance the heart neuron flow to the brain , unifying them for up to 6 hours..the more you do this the more you marry the πŸ’“/🧠 relationship.

Enjoy your free flowing intuitive prompts.

Blessings GGπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’ž

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