The Gift

This is in honour of my beautiful, wonderful, compassionate sister-in-law Patricia, who crossed back over the veil on Saturday.

The gifts she left me will.always stay with me..I am still coming to terms with it, I have been imbued with her beautiful positive aligned energy, it is only energy actually, that has somehow been transferred into my being, it has definitely brought me more light,&:shifted me even more into the Ascendancy of a positive aligned being.

I knew her,I was very close ,she was a dear relative,& friend, so I understood her energy, therefore I know I have taken on that conscious inner light particles that she possessed in a limitless way.

No.other passing has affected me in this way, I briefly explained the reasons for that in a previous article…The difference Patricia has Brought into my life is unique, beautiful,& sublime..Even though I know am a worthy being, My gratitude is unexplainable, I today stand in great,honour & respect, of that..I can hand on heart 💖 say I understand the wisdom of the inner self connection more then I ever thought possible..I have entered a stage of my existance whereby I am now aware of the endless , limitless potentials , possibilities & sheer majestic magnificence of who I am & the true dynamic, breathtaking, wonder humanties connection to everything….I am truly blessed to have been imbued with bigger,expansive intake of source, given to me freely by a undeniably gracious, compassionate, benevolent,wise , sovereign aspect of source..I bow my head, standing tall in blessing you Patricia my honourable,& unconditionally loved sister-in-law..


One response to “The Gift”

  1. Sincerest condolences for your loss. May the memory of your sister-in-law be a blessing forever ❤


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