Emotions & Feeling

My beautiful sister -in – law , went back beyond the veil on Saturday 17th June…her energy was so together, I had a magnificent , sweet , connection & understanding with her…Sunday 18th July my Earthly emotion with her emerged , my energy was tight,knotted & my I AM source flow had to circumvent the spaces & places that held that held that block.

Today my true feelings swept aside the negative tightness , as her wonderful energy came into me & Unified with mine , I cried , which I could not do Sunday, emotion is a negative hidden energy , where,s when my sister-in-law,s & my Conscious connection happened ,it triggered my true positive feelings , that emotion often hides.it was such a sense of beautiful, belonging,& freedom.My sister-in-law,s love/spirit/energy is just sublime, she kissed me & told me how much she appreciated my contributions to her life..& her connection would be with me forever..I cried unrelenting tears of joy & happiness. “Bless you Patricia” I whispered..our peace harmony,joy, & love is complete..as she told me her new found freedom is beautiful, sonorous & her family of connection is blissful & like a wonderful party..

Humbled, gratitude & loved in blessings GG💞🌤️🌺

2 responses to “Emotions & Feeling”

  1. Sounds amazing GG. So happy to hear you have such a wonderful connection in your life.Beautiful.💕

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  2. ♥️


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