The quest for the elicier of life

For centuries Alchemist have sought the Elicier of 1st appeared in literature in Mesopotamia in the “Epic of Gilgamesh” .it is featured in Chinese philosophy/mythology..where the white hare is deemed to make the potion on the moon.

The thing about this ,is the Elicier of life is now within the post human of 2000,/ our DNA, the new potential/Paradigm of humanity is Awesome, by being aware.of our body, & asking it with intent to repair & restore our DNA from the old energy paradigm of roughly 28/ the now potential of at least 40%..we can reverse the aging process..we are meant anything between 200-300yrs we were designed for this..the longer we live the more we learn through our experiences, the quicker we was part of the plan…we can heal ourselves , & live far longer

I have for the past few years been celebrating my birthdays backwards, this helps negate.the aging process, as you are celebrating getting younger & not aging as in the old we learn to heal ourselves naturally & move away from toxic medicines & drugs supplied by Big Pharma..our body will cleanse & respond to this youthfulness.

The more childlike you become, the you tell your body you are youthful, have fun,play,laugh,cuddle teddy,climb a tree, be a chicken clucking & quacking majestically, read humourous books,comics, dance,draw, sing, just for fun, have good fights, jump up & down, stop aging, but a graceful happy, non-worrying way.

Here’s to my next hundred yrs of fun,health,abundance &play..😀😇🌹

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