Embracing Monetry Energy.

Money is an aspect of Abundance, an energy within the abundant flow of everything, love,joy,happiness, food,drink, friends,toys..lol.

So in essence the way to getting money is rasing your monetry energy awareness..from lack to plenty…spending depending.on your bank balance (amounts)..to simply flow free purchasing, the act of giving,receiving & exchanging, without worry.

If you think you lack money in your bank account..one way to raise your perceptional money energy awareness is this..look at your bank figure, be it in £€$..let’s say it shows 120 of any of these 3 units of currency..if you convert this figure into Japanese Yen.. suddenly your monetry figure energy raises from 120..to over 18,000 if in £,s over 15,000 if in € & over 13,000 if in $..now you have a much more positive energy amount to lift your consciousness.within the money/wealth/prosperity energy fields..you can safely without it feeling you are faking it, or lying, express a.positive bigger bank balance, which opens you up to receiving more.

Here’s to manufacturing your unlimited wealth & abundance..GG💲🌍

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