Women’s Equality

Today,s society spends so much time trying to let women do what men can do , that it distracts from the pure essence of the feminine goddess spiritual energy , of wisdom,healing & nurturing.

Women are powerful strong brings in their in own right, designed actually to do all the things men cannot, which is so much more beautiful & balanced a, women’s feminine contribution to this fast changing 4D world is much needed , but it is the femininity & Ying energy of the woman that is still lacking.

3D linear thinking women, are obsessed with the idea of external freedom, & equal pay, yet money is a personal energy manifestation, & should have nothing to do with men..or anything,or anyone else for that matter, men &’women, all of us in fact have the power through awareness to access abundance, wealth, prosperity & money,..the 3D Linear thinking women who are still.fighting /concerned or even angry about men getting more pay for the same work..in some cases women are earning 100,000,s are actually giving their power away..& belittling.men at the same time.

This duality goes against the spiritual unity that is us as a whole..the biggest rise in women’s power right now is in the self healing, shamanic, teachings of the old wise ancients, our ancestors..the magics of the female ..men who are aware know they cannot compete in the mystical realm of feminity,..we are helpless, & are here to be by the side of the beautiful, women, in benevolence,honour,grace & gratitude of your.own personal knowledge,power,wisdom.& Above all else feminine ablitiies.

As a man I bless the beautiful, powerful goddess, feminine women..in respectful gratitude & & love..GG🌹

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