The rollout of 5G is already happening , it is being pushed rapidly by the technology elite giants, these elite are only interested in the pursuant of technology, for self serving reasons.

5G is a ET advanced technology, given to the elite by the negatively orientated Orion,s ,Annuaki & Reptilian races…in exchange for DNA, &;other specimens which the Gray’s using for replicating humans in Undersea bases in the Pacific…by contract agreements of certain humans.

If this comes about, AI & A 5G artificial energy network will block humanities natural spiritual growth, & all thoughts,& information will be controlled by the Orions & their other negatively aligned allies…5G will also increase the radiation.levels on the planet, leading to more dus-ease.

Being given the prime directive of free choice , it is up to us to decide whether we want this or not,..but because negative aligned species are trying to force us into this direction by subterfuge , deception & lies, the Galactic federation of light have released this information to allow us to make balanced free of interference choice.

The Pleadians are taking care of the underwater bases, to stop the Gray’s from artificial body swapping..so that’s something we can be reassured about.

This attempted control will come via the yellow chakra ray..which when out of balance becomes Ego driven/self serving.

This is a last ditch attempt by the dark, negative aligned forces to prevent humanity ,planet Earth & Gaia from fully becoming 4D, it is a act of unnatural conscious malipination..& is a potential possiblity, but with light aligned humanity & awareness in the Ascendancy very unlikely..but awareness is the key to awakening & only then can a balanced free will choice be made.

Stay in beautiful positive light balanced energy & consciousness & know light has already won,.

We are amazing, magnificent & destined for our beautiful place in evolution along with our planet Earth..love you all.. blessings GG😇💖

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