Web of connection.

The 1st.image shows space,stars lights from an image taken with the Hubble telescope..Hubble pictures are taken through van optical lens..meaning this is how 3D humans would view this area of space… everything seemingly seperate.

The 2nd image is taken with the Chandra space telescope which takes energy images..it clearly shows an energy connection.. barely any separation..we are gradually understanding our full conscious energy connection to everything & source.

Our ancestors would call this the web of creation, it is mentioned in the traditions of the Hopi & Hindu creation stories.

Bit by bit it is all coming together, as the new human , brings forth the old remembered truth & coupled with new scientific discoveries our expanding consciousness.is happening.

You are beautiful..GG😇🌹🧡

One response to “Web of connection.”

  1. 🤩wow, it’s beautiful 😍 and this fact really interesting.


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