Tour de

We are in the beginning stages of the new human..the new human is basically those born in the year 2,000 & after & those of us that now hold the required ratio of light/ positive in relation to dark/negative, who will be reborn next life onto the new 4D Earth.

The new young ( age wise)human..IE 21 or younger are either already embedded in all aspects of society, or readying themselves to do so…an example of the already embedded is this year’s “Tour de France, (which is the regarded as the most prestigious cycle the world.)

Today the commenters gave homage to these young new humans, stating, they are wild, intrepid,inventive,brave,& already tearing up the old paradigm, of cycling.. changing the entire concept of what the tour was_..I use this particular aspect of society just to show how much change is afoot on the planet right now..but you do not have to look to hard to see these new humans venturing into every aspect of our beautiful conscious created 4D world.

How beautiful..Love Love..GG🌺💚

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