The Isolated Planet

All negative aligned humans , will now be reincarnated on what is deemed as an Isolated.planet away from our Galaxy.universe ..Earth has to now evolve to the next level.of her consciousness,..once humanties consciousness & awareness expanded into more positive/light then negative/dark.. (IE: past the 26,000yr marker of the 2012 cycle of Equinox,s /as prophesied by the Ancients)..the destiny of planet Earth has been pre-ordained..Earth is the last Planet in our Galaxy to evolve..& our entire Galaxy cannot evolve into its next evolution.untill.Earth goes beyond 3D.. therefore only 4D humans will reincarnate.on Earth..4th dimensional humans are those of us that vibrate at the needed higher frequency & incorporate more positive light polarity…to help continue this growth & expansion.

Low dense dark negative aligned humans therefore longer play a part in the New Earth..those of humanity who persist to project negativity/dark conscious thoughts,acts & deeds through either free will or malevolent higher dark entity control, will upon death in this lifetime , no.longer be reborn on Earth..Gaia, other planetery.beings & aligned more aware humans have finally had enough of the controlling matrix, limited 3D dark dense energy, that has been holding back our beautiful, magnificent benevolent true source aware,true & I AM or say goodbye to Gaia & this beautiful planet Earth.

Blessings in light,love benevolence & honour..GG💖

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