The shift is on

We all need to feel important, nobody likes to be left out, especially when you work hard, to improve your life. Life has stressed you out,we all need to be seen,we all carry ambitions & dreams, it might sound like a fantasy, but is that what fairness actually means.. Everyone deserves an equal chance, to make their families advance, even if we need had a silver 🥄, that should not mean we come last.

Some of us wealthy ,some are not,some of us chill,some of us strain, imagine if one day that changes, if everything shifted & the pressure was lifted. Ask yourself one question “HOW WOULD THINGS BE DIFFERENT”

No I did not write this🤪, in fact one of the latest TV commercials from the UK building society “Nationwide”..this is part , however small of the shift into a more positive consciousness by the only have to look to see dozens of instances of light positivity spreading in mainstream media.

Blessings GG💖

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