The Tomorrow War

Amazon are set to release a a movie called “The Tomorrow War”..a sci-fi thriller..Time travellers arrive from 2051( 30yrs in future). Mankind is losing s global war against a deadly alien species,& hope lies in solders & civilians from the present to join the fight.

This seems to be a kind of revelation.of what has previously happened , in Nasa & government.progams of the past..A space force of selected humans trained ,brainwashed (300 approx) &.programmed to go to.Mars & fight the Malevant forces that were threating to destroy the indigenous Martians.

More secret agenda stuff being subtly leaked in the form of entertainment…

Funny thing is this Movie is being released around the time of Geoff Bezeos Amazon’s C.E.O.. resigning his position.

Todah loo..I love you..GG🌺💕

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