Madness or Not?

This is a story that one of my metaphysical teachers told me that happened to him in the late 80, the days of the old dark dense energy, most people would consider it as a sign of madness..I have since encountered similar instances.

In a London Hotel after doing a lecture ,workshop , he & 3’others were talking & chatting in there room, it was 3.33am when a horde of gray,s & mosquito type drone looking entities materilized through the walls.& windows,..aware of the negative malevolent intent of these beings, the four in the room grabbed whatever they could & attacked the invading intrusive dark energy consciousness,running around the room ,yelping,screaming & shouting ..till eventually they repelled the attack.. exhausted,they all began laughing in joy at there victory over the

I l.retelll.this story just to show how much the journey has changed since the truly dark days of the old pre-2012: energy…in the 2000 war against darkness , hundreds of millions of dark entities & beings were

Blessings GG🙏🌷💚

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