Women who run with Wolves.

I have read this book many times.

” Women who run with Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes PhD.” Published 1992.

Each chapter is a story about the the wild women,wise , Ageless & how this archetype feminine trait is in all of us.

Here is an a brief synopsis of the 1st chapter.. titled: “The.Howl: a Resurrection of the wild women”as taken with courtesy from Wikipedia.

La Loba is a wolf women who lives in the desert & collects bones. Once she has collected she has collected a whole skeleton she sings it alive.again.

This tells us that dead ideas & powers can be resurrected by using the soul voice. To do so a women has to enter a state of deep.love & come from that source energy. The gathering of the bones is the creative action of healing,dreaming,dancing etc”

This book is a truly amazing read, & really helped me in understanding my feminine aspect of my whole.

Blessings in love GG🌹

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