No place like home

Home is unity with source, & there is no place like it. Our journey as an individual sovereign of source is through experiences to move & expand enough to move through all the dimensions .till we reach what many determine as Zero point.. Home?..

Upon reaching home, we become unity once again with everything, bringing our consciousness experience truths into the whole,..our truths, not anybody else,s, , the 3D experience is/was about humanity assisting/lifting/ bringing Gaia/Earth to 4)5D..this is how humans expand & begin to move through the lower densities of 4 D.. building a new beautiful Earth fit for Gaia’s children & much awaited expansion..4D humans will then bathe in Gaia,s gratitude,..ready to move up & whatever is destined for our true self in love,Abundance, compassion,joy & health& oh so much we experience more of the limitless totality , till we eventually reach home.

Home sweet home.

You have my beautiful benevolent, compassionate love , in honour grace,respect & gratitude, for your humanity & personal growth & expansion..GG🌹

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